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Unlock real-time insights from the authentic voice of your consumers. Elevate decisions, drive success!

Why Extreme?

Swiftly adapting to consumer needs empowers your teams to deliver meaningful experiences, build loyalty, and drive innovative growth

In this consumer-centric era, individuals wield unprecedented power. Through social and digital channels, they freely express opinions and preferences like never before.

Opting for consumer-centric decisions ensures your teams deliver experiences that deeply resonate with your target audience, fostering loyalty and propelling growth.

Unlocking your team's potential with real-time actionable insights presents an exciting opportunity for empowerment and growth.

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Extreme enables teams to make consumer-centric decisions confidently

Enhance your brand's success and image with EXTREME. Stay informed about your brand's well-being, track competitors, and fine-tune campaigns using the comprehensive tools and features provided by EXTREME, strategically crafted to keep you ahead in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Streamline processes and simplify intricate tasks with EXTREME. Unleash the power of EXTREME to efficiently analyze extensive social listening data, consumer information, and customer feedback. Uncover concealed patterns and trends, empowering you to make intelligent, data-driven decisions effortlessly.

Maximize Your Consumer Insight with EXTREME's Comprehensive Intelligence Platform

Experience seamless efficiency with EXTREME's Consumer Intelligence Platform – comprising three robust products: Social Listening, Social Benchmarking and Online Media Monitoring. This all-in-one solution offers your team a comprehensive 360-degree view of your consumers on a single platform.

Achieve success with top-notch customer service through EXTREME. Gain access to industry experts offering personalized insights and guidance to ensure your team excels. Our customer service encompasses documentation, tutorials, and responsive assistance, ensuring the platform is user-friendly for both new and existing users

Global monitoring of web and social data for immediate and decisive analysis

Real-Time Effective Responses: Discover How Data Become Decisions

For Digital Marketing Teams

Crafting content that deeply resonates with target audiences

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For Consumer Insight Teams

Discovering unmet needs to fuel product innovation

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For Agencies

Creating persuasive pitches to secure clients

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For PR and Communication Teams

Taking a proactive approach to brand reputation management

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With Extreme you stay one step ahead of your competitors

Anticipate Trends

Early discovery of relevant market trends and events, allowing you to act proactively

Unique and Comprehensive Insight

Our AI can connect the dots and determine unique insights that make a difference to your business

Data-Driven Decisions

Decisions based on accurate data and in-depth analysis reduce uncertainty and improve strategy.

Global View

Always keep a global view of the online universe: news, blogs, forums, newsletters, chats, all the social media that matter.

More Effective Marketing Strategies

Improves the results of marketing campaigns through a deeper understanding of customer behaviors and preferences.

Stay up-to-date on your competitors

Monitor your competitors' web and social activity in real time to make quick and effective decisions


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