EXTREME Social Benchmark

As the leading product for comparing your brand's social media performance against competitors and industry standards, it enables you to pinpoint areas for improvement and capitalize on opportunities to stay ahead in the market.

Immerse yourself in industry-leading social benchmarking with EXTREME. Cutting-edge capabilities in social benchmarking.

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Leverage benchmarking insights with EXTREME
to dominate in the social sphere

Gain insights into your brand's social performance across paid, owned, and earned media with EXTREME's social performance reporting. Allocate resources effectively by concentrating on high-performing channels, optimize content strategies for each media type, and adjust ad spend for better return on investment (ROI).

Conduct competitive benchmarking with EXTREME to evaluate your brand's performance relative to competitors on owned and earned media across social channels. Identify areas of strength and weakness, allowing you to adjust marketing strategies strategically to outperform your competitors.

Digital Marketing

Maximize the impact of owned and earned social activities with EXTREME's competitive intelligence. Leverage insights into audience preferences and competitor organic content performance to craft highly relevant landing pages, web content, and email campaigns that drive conversions. Utilize competitor organic social performance data to refine your social strategy, ensuring your content aligns seamlessly with audience interests and preferences, leading to more effective engagement.

Consumer Insights

Elevate your brand strategy with EXTREME's comprehensive competitive insights. Obtain a profound understanding of how your brand is perceived compared to competitors, particularly in terms of organic social presence and consumer engagement. Utilize social benchmarking data to inform product development, messaging, and communication strategies. Identify consumer needs and preferences, ensuring a strategic approach that resonates effectively in the competitive landscape.


Deliver winning solutions to clients through EXTREME's benchmarking insights. Offer data-driven recommendations to optimize their organic social media presence and surpass competitor performance. Utilize competitive insights to craft comprehensive and tailored marketing strategies aligned with specific client goals and industry trends, with a focus on enhancing organic social performance.

Access superior data for more precise insights with EXTREME

Utilize EXTREME for industry benchmarking to comprehend your brand's social media performance within the context of industry standards and best practices. Implement tactics and strategies employed by top-performing industry players to enhance your brand's social media presence and reach.

Conduct social channel benchmarking with EXTREME

Analyze your brand's performance across various social media platforms in comparison to competitors. Evaluate specific platforms such as Facebook vs. Facebook and TikTok vs. TikTok, enabling a detailed understanding of your brand's position within each social channel.

Global monitoring of web and social data for immediate and decisive analysis

Real-Time Effective Responses: Discover How Data Become Decisions

For Digital Marketing Teams

Crafting content that deeply resonates with target audiences

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For Consumer Insight Teams

Discovering unmet needs to fuel product innovation

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For Agencies

Creating persuasive pitches to secure clients

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For PR and Communication Teams

Taking a proactive approach to brand reputation management

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