EXTREME for PR and Communications

Gain actionable insights in real-time to strategically manage your brand's reputation and drive impactful PR initiatives, ensuring a proactive and effective approach to communication and brand perception.

Access the essential insights required for confident action across your primary use cases with EXTREME

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Elevate your PR & Communications function with EXTREME

Reputation Management

Sculpt and safeguard your brand's reputation by utilizing EXTREME. Analyze sentiment, influencers, and conversations to comprehend the factors shaping brand perception. Formulate initiatives that strengthen positive messaging and counteract negative narratives, ultimately enhancing your brand's reputation. Utilize competitor organic social performance data to refine your social strategy, ensuring your content aligns seamlessly with audience interests and preferences, leading to more effective engagement.

Crisis Management

Equip yourself to prepare for and respond effectively to protect your brand during crises with EXTREME. Track and evaluate the impact of crises on brand reputation through comprehensive monitoring. Make informed decisions and implement strategic crisis response plans to minimize damage and navigate challenging situations with resilience.

Issue Tracking

Anticipate and navigate potential PR issues with confidence using EXTREME. Detect early signs of potential PR problems by monitoring conversations across channels. Develop strategic responses to address and mitigate issues, safeguarding and enhancing your brand's reputation.

PR Performance

Maximize your PR efforts for greater reach with EXTREME. Utilize insights to evaluate key PR metrics and campaign performance. Refine strategies to optimize reach, engagement, and overall PR results, driving success for your brand.

Influencer Discovery

Amplify your brand's voice through influential partnerships with EXTREME. Discover industry influencers whose values align with your brand and resonate with target audiences. Engage in strategic influencer collaborations to boost brand visibility and credibility, ultimately amplifying your message to wider audiences.

More relevant data with EXTREME

Access superior data for more precise insights with EXTREME

Tap into a vast network of 150 million data sources with EXTREME, creating a comprehensive and diverse data pool. This abundance of information ensures unparalleled insights and supports well-informed decision-making for your business

With support for top 30 social platforms, EXTREME ensures comprehensive coverage of your global consumer base. This extensive platform compatibility enables actionable insights across diverse linguistic markets, enhancing your ability to understand and engage with a wide range of audiences.

With support for 187 languages, EXTREME ensures comprehensive coverage of your global consumer base. This broad linguistic reach enables actionable insights across diverse markets, allowing you to connect with and understand your audience in various languages and cultural contexts

Stay ahead by ensuring your data is not only comprehensive but also finely tuned for strategic decision-making

Covering 196 countries, EXTREME provides unparalleled global reach. This extensive coverage empowers your business to stay well-informed, engaged, and competitive in markets worldwide, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of diverse global landscapes.

Global monitoring of web and social data for immediate and decisive analysis

Real-Time Effective Responses: Discover How Data Become Decisions

For Digital Marketing Teams

Crafting content that deeply resonates with target audiences

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For Consumer Insight Teams

Discovering unmet needs to fuel product innovation

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For Agencies

Creating persuasive pitches to secure clients

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For PR and Communication Teams

Taking a proactive approach to brand reputation management

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