Stay on top of your social media game with EXTREME's real-time insights

As the premier product for analyzing social media conversations, it empowers you to discover actionable insights that elevate your brand's social presence and engagement.

Gain superior data for more refined insights


Top social platforms

Backed by robust support, guaranteeing comprehensive coverage of your global consumer base and facilitating actionable insights across diverse linguistic markets


187 languages

With strong support, it ensures exhaustive coverage of your global consumer base and enables actionable insights across a variety of linguistic markets


196 countries

Encompassing and providing unmatched global reach, it empowers your business to stay informed, engaged, and competitive in markets worldwide


150 million web sources

Access a comprehensive and diverse data pool for unparalleled insights, facilitating well-informed decision-making

Immerse yourself in cutting-edge social listening with EXTREME

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Why Extreme?

Cutting-edge capabilities in social listening

Sentiment Analysis

Gain valuable insights into the global audience sentiment surrounding your brand and products through sentiment analysis. Utilize this information to address any negative sentiment by resolving customer issues, and leverage positive sentiment to craft targeted marketing strategies that amplify your brand's strengths.

Influencer Identification

Identify pivotal influencers in your industry to forge partnerships and collaborations. By aligning with these influencers, you can enhance your marketing endeavors, broaden your reach, and connect with new audiences through the trusted voices within your industry.

Comprehensive Demographics

Comprehend the demographic composition of your audience. Tailor messaging, content, and marketing campaigns to align with the demographics, interests, and behaviors of your target audience for maximum resonance.

Visual Analytics

Evaluate how your brand is portrayed and discussed in images and videos. Utilize the gathered insights to refine your visual content, selecting colors, styles, themes, and subjects that align with and resonate with your target audience.

Dashboard and Visualizations

Make the most of EXTREME's customizable dashboards, reports, and visualization tools to efficiently convey data and insights pertinent to your brand and industry.

Extensive Coverage

Gain an exceptionally comprehensive overview of online and social conversations regarding your brand, competitors, and industry. EXTREME covers the most used social networks and 150 million websites across 196 countries, encompassing text, visual, and voice formats.

Advanced Boolean Query

Access pertinent, high-quality information about your brand, filtering out noise, spam, and unrelated content. Utilize advanced boolean operators to precisely specify the data you want included in your analysis

Conversation Clusters

Uncover the 'why' behind the 'what' by visualizing connections between conversations. Explore entirely new audiences, validate hypotheses about current consumers, and identify fresh, unexplored topics for thought leadership white papers

Predictive Alerting

Stay ahead with alerts for emerging trends and potential issues related to your brand and industry. Proactively tackle challenges, mitigate risks, and capitalize on emerging trends by adjusting your marketing and communication strategies accordingly.

Consumer Insights

Elevate your brand strategy with EXTREME's comprehensive Consumer insights

At the heart of digital marketing, the power to listen becomes the key to unlocking deep consumer insights. EXTREME, with its advanced Social Listening tool, stands as a beacon in the vast sea of online conversations, enabling precise navigation towards the real needs, desires, and emerging trends of consumers. This capability of active listening transforms every feedback, post, or mention into a goldmine of information, allowing brands to build targeted strategies that authentically resonate with their audience.

Social Competitive Intelligence

Leverage benchmarking insights with EXTREME to dominate in the social sphere

As the leading product for comparing your brand's social media performance against competitors and industry standards, it enables you to pinpoint areas for improvement and capitalize on opportunities to stay ahead in the market.

Gain insights into your brand's social performance across, owned, and not owned with EXTREME's social performance reporting. Allocate resources effectively by concentrating on high-performing channels, optimize content strategies for each media type, and adjust ad spend for better return on investment (ROI).

Conduct competitive benchmarking with EXTREME to evaluate your brand's performance relative to competitors on owned and earned media across social channels. Identify areas of strength and weakness, allowing you to adjust marketing strategies strategically to outperform your competitors.

Top social media platform - Backed by robust support, guaranteeing comprehensive coverage of your global consumer base and facilitating actionable insights across diverse linguistic markets.

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Global monitoring of web and social data for immediate and decisive analysis

Real-Time Effective Responses: Discover How Data Become Decisions

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Crafting content that deeply resonates with target audiences

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Discovering unmet needs to fuel product innovation

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